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TOPIC: (PRE-GAME) Georgetown (MSG), Sun. Feb. 2, 1p, CBS / 970 AM WNYM

(PRE-GAME) Georgetown (MSG), Sun. Feb. 2, 1p, CBS / 970 AM WNYM 2 weeks 2 days ago #375436

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Mean Gene wrote: If McClung would have played we would have lost by 15.

I said 20.
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(PRE-GAME) Georgetown (MSG), Sun. Feb. 2, 1p, CBS / 970 AM WNYM 2 weeks 2 days ago #375437

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rawdognyc wrote: I've learned to take a Xanax before every game this year. I highly suggest the same...

I have to admit that I sparked a joint around when things started to go south for us and it did make it more bearable. I'm actually still feeling pretty good considering how deflating this loss was.
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(PRE-GAME) Georgetown (MSG), Sun. Feb. 2, 1p, CBS / 970 AM WNYM 2 weeks 2 days ago #375438

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Mean Gene wrote:

MJDinkins wrote:

Mean Gene wrote: And another thing, if CMA has so little confidence in either Steere or Sears and even Roberts to some extent when Yurtseven is killing us then none of these guys better be in the team next year. If he has that little faith in them then move on from them and bring better players in.

Totally agree! This game alone should render 'em expendable.

Just move on from basically everyone who has eligibility with the exception of two or three players and recruit practically an entire team.

Because like it or not, next season could be telling.

Dink, the only guys I keep around from this team are Dunn, Williams, Earlington and Champagnie. I would recruit nine other guys.

Once I sent my message, those 4 came to mind. As, MCN mentioned, Anderson has some tough decisions to make.

I'm sure Anderson doesn't wanna feel the fire and a great deal of pressure to where he HAS to win going into his 3rd season.

So, unfortunately, he may have to soon sever ties with some players.
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(PRE-GAME) Georgetown (MSG), Sun. Feb. 2, 1p, CBS / 970 AM WNYM 2 weeks 2 days ago #375440

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QueensBall wrote: This one was brutal. I'm still glad to have him but agree that Anderson had a bad day. Outside of the last DePaul game we've played terrible with a lead. Even in the good wins against West Virginia and Arizona we almost blew it. We can say that falls partly on the players but the other part has to be on the coach. Happens too frequently to not be addressed and see at least slight improvement at some point.

We need a PG who is both an above average play maker and scorer. If you don't really excel at one you have to be decent at both. Too predictable. The guys we'd want to shoot big shots (Mustapha, LJ whoever) can't consistently get to the rim or create their own shot and Dunn can get to the rim but isn't good at finding the open man if the shot isn't there. I'm optimistic Posh can be the guy who changes that. It's just not a very good team right now though. We are what we are.

I am not nearly as big a Dunn fan as many here, but when the coach instructs him, with 50 seconds on the clock and a one point lead, to dribble the clock out and try to make something happen with the shot clock running down, few players not named Jordan, Bryant, Bird or Magic can make that work. As a strategy it makes no sense because the clock is irrelevant to scoring as Gtown was assured another possession.
Honestly, what I see is inexplicable to me; getting blown out is lack of talent, losing big leads and seemingly being clueless down the stretch of games is something different.
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(PRE-GAME) Georgetown (MSG), Sun. Feb. 2, 1p, CBS / 970 AM WNYM 2 weeks 2 days ago #375446

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This game ends like so many others. For thirty five minutes SJU is a bad shooting team, for the final five minutes it is almost impossible for them to make a shot.
With five minutes to go they have sixty eight points. At that point nobody wants to shoot. Dunn makes a few bull charges toward the basket, gets away with a charge but always misses the layup. He is the only player on the team willing to try to score at the end of games.
I'd love to know how many points they have scored in the final minutes of games. They don't seem to have any plays to run and remind me of a CYO grammar school team dribbling around and finally throwing up a shot. No players have any confidence shooting so the opposition won't foul and Dunn is forced to make his bull rush.
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